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Shipwire Open Source: Giving Back


Giving back to the Shipwire community
Like many SaaS platforms, Shipwire makes considerable use of open source tools and libraries. Open source technology has given us the ability to focus on core logistics problems while not reinventing wheels.

For some time now, our team has been thinking of ways we could begin to give back to the community that has allowed us to run as fast as we have.

A group of us sat down a few months ago to take inventory of code we had written that we could conceivably open up and share with the world. Thanks to thoughtful investments by our engineers, it did not take long to fill up a whiteboard with many potential community contributions.

Only the beginning
Today, we are pleased to announce the first of a number of open source releases we have planned, a Redis client for the Go programming language, authored by Stephen Searles.

Redis has been a staple in our application stack for quite some time now, helping us with tasks as diverse as shipment packing, real-time rating, and address verification, alongside more traditional tasks like session handling. We “graduated” to Redis from more machine-local caches back when Shipwire was handling just a few hundred orders a day, and it’s been a workhorse for us.

Go is a newer face around Shipwire that has been making its way into a number of our services. We like Go because it makes the right trade-offs between being close to the metal, providing higher level abstractions, and safety. Its “small and simple” philosophy encourages simple application design, even for the parts not written in Go.

We hope you enjoy our Redis client and, of course, please feel free to provide feedback or contribute if you too find it useful.

Thanks to the open source community for propelling us, and stay tuned for more!

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