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Shipwire at HAX Boost

Come to HAX Boost with Shipwire to learn how we can help you navigate supply chain management and distribution logistics

HAX, the world’s first hardware accelerator known for incubating creative passion from draft to prototype, is partnering up with Shipwire to present a preview of the next step in its accelerator program: HAX Boost.

Teams involved with HAX Boost learn about product/retail fit and how to navigate the early stages of sales and expansion. With Shipwire joining the conversation, they will also learn how to effectively approach supply chain management and product distribution.

Any team with a product and an ambition should sign up for the preview on Tuesday, May 12 at the SOSventures Revolution building in San Francisco.

Shipwire’s startup team will be present to answer any question on supply chain management and product logistics. Expect to hear about how to deal with challenges such as backorders from preorders, initial brand-building, international expansion and many other topics during intimate fireside chats.

We’ll see you there!

P.S. In the meantime, read our Kickstarter Fulfillment Guide which is useful for any company with a swell in product demand.

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