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Shipping Evernote Market

Evernote is one of the most beautifully and curated brands out there.

Look, feel, functionality, accessibility — the list goes on, but the point is simple: every detail of the Evernote app is thoughtfully designed.

It’s no surprise, then, that the same philosophy extended to the creation of Evernote Market, the company’s online store, which houses physical goods that help users work better.

Evernote Market is a pioneer in connecting physical goods with digital tools for a more complete user experience. It features tools that integrate with its app — for example, a Jot Script stylus with an extra-thin tip and ScanSnap scanner that automatically scans, senses, and autofiles your documents into the Evernote app.

In addition to tech gadgets, Market offers high-quality consumer-minded organizational products, such as co-branded Moleskine notebooks and Côte&Ciel bags, which are built to make work life more efficient. “One of Evernote’s core principles is to incrementally improve essential items,” said Jeff Zwerner, Evernote’s VP of Branded Products. “If you make a small change to an everyday object, it can have a great impact on your productivity and your sheer enjoyment of that product. We want to design these products and experiences that help you live better and work smarter,” he explained.

From their website and app to Market and the products in it, it is evident that Evernote puts exceptional care into its products. Goods sold through Market even have their own stories, which are told shared through interviews and profiles of the designers that created them. When it comes to the curation of branding, no leaf was left unturned.

When Evernote came to Shipwire with the goal of warehousing and shipping Evernote Market products on a tight holiday deadline, we were flattered, very excited, and little scared. The opportunity to provide an infrastructure that powers a marketplace doesn’t come around every day; it was a big undertaking.

And it wasn’t only Evernote we had to impress — we were trusted to represent them in front of their customers, and it’s a fair assessment to say that Evernote customers care about the little things, too. The pressure was on to make order checkout, shipping, and delivery experience fast and easy.

How did it go? The video above, produced by our friends at The Buzz Lab, will take you behind the scenes of Shipwire and Evernote Market so you can see for yourself!

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