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The Shipwire Blog/PeSA Takeaways 2015

PeSA Takeaways 2015

Technology, internationalization, and personalization stood out at PeSA 2015

Last week my colleague, Jeremy, and I represented Shipwire at the annual PeSA Conference on Australia’s Gold Coast. Our second year attending was even better than the first.

If you weren’t there this year and just stumbled upon this post, PeSA is a conference for retailers by retailers and it features influential speakers like Bob Schwartz of Nordstrom. It’s a great event to connect with and learn from others doing e-commerce successfully.
Technology takes center stage
This year, e-commerce technology was a major topic of discussion and in his keynote, Schwartz spoke about the state of e-commerce today:

Retail technology in particular has developed quickly and put pressure on other technologies to keep pace.

Demand is high for e-commerce integrations that connect to marketplaces, shopping carts and other services, which is why we feel strongly about the importance of building solutions on powerful platforms and APIs.

We have advanced to the point where customer-facing technology is expected to function seamlessly, and it follows that “behind the scenes” technologies work with the same ease and transparency.

In the world of e-commerce, this generally translates to B2C technology being a step ahead of B2B technology. However, given the demand and evolving expectations, we’re starting to see B2B technologies come up to speed and anticipate this trend to continue and accelerate.

The world is getting bigger
International expansion was another hot topic this year. Focus centered on reaching markets in the US, UK, and Hong Kong, which offer significant opportunity for retailers.

A time- and cost-effective option for selling to overseas customers is to partner with a global 3PL provider. By housing inventory in facilities local to customers, retailers can use domestic carriers and save significantly on shipping costs, in addition to speeding up the time it takes for products to reach customers.

Selecting a 3PL is a serious decision. This guide points out things to consider in choosing right partner.


Virtual, but personal
While there were a lot of other things covered at PeSA 2015, the final one we’ll mention for now is personalization. Personalization has come up a lot this year, and it’s something that extends beyond shoppers’ online experiences and continues all the way to their doorsteps.

If you haven’t thought about it yet, take some time to consider the impact of personalized deliveries and custom messaging. If it’s an important factor to your business, make sure your order fulfillment provider can accommodate it.

Thanks to all those we met at the conference this year. We look forward to keeping in touch and are excited for what’s to come! What did you learn this year? Leave your takeaways in the comments.


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