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The Shipwire Blog/Magento Imagine Commerce 2016 Recap

Magento Imagine Commerce 2016 Recap

We recently returned from our fifth consecutive year at Magento’s annual conference. Magento Imagine Commerce 2016 was great and like past years, we had the opportunity to reconnect with Shipwire merchants who rely on Magento to be the face of their ecommerce businesses. This year was especially exciting because we went as an official Magento Technology Partner!

As an open-source platform, Magento relies as heavily on its partners as it does its merchants. Our new partnership and this year’s conference kicked off the start of something special.

Below are some of our highlights from the event.


Our Magento Team
The theme of the 2016 conference was “We are Magento” — a message that was reinforced throughout the three days of the conference. This was Magento’s first Imagine conference since it was sold off from eBay Enterprise, but the magic that attendees have come to expect was maintained.

Magento’s executive team explained that what makes Magento great is the combination of Solution Partners, Technology Partners, Developers and Merchants coming together to form a commerce ecosystem.

Along those lines, we’ve been hard at work building out our platform capabilities to enable the Magento user community to extend technology solutions. We were happy to have merchants and developers alike stop by our booth to ask about global fulfillment and our Shipwire Platform and if we had to pick a single thing that made our time at Imagine 2016 unforgettable, it would be the fusion between the developer and vendor communities that’s so unique to Magento.

Magento 2.x and Enterprise Cloud Edition

Only a few months have passed since Magento announced the general availability of its Magento 2.0 platform and already there’s been adoption and strong growth.
Live at Magento

With stats like 800 live Magento 2.x stores, more than 228K downloads and $50B of annual commerce transactions done through the Magento platform, our partner has been quickly gaining momentum! We are fully supportive of Magneto’s latest developments and look forward to seeing how our customers take advantage of Magento 2.x and the Shipwire Platform.

At every Imagine conference, Magento releases a major product or feature. Starting May 1, 2016, Magento will offer Enterprise Cloud to their M2 merchants. With partners like AWS, Fastly, New Relic and on the new PaaS Magento platform, merchants will be able to scale their server resources and keep up with business demands. The Shipwire Platform is built to be easily scalable to match the growing demands of global fulfillment, drawing clear unity between our future and Magento’s.
Enterprise Cloud

All in all, we had a great experience at this year’s conference. In seeing Magento’s dedication to its platform and commerce ecosystem, we are more excited than ever to be Technology Partner and are already looking forward to seeing our partners and customers again next year.

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