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Celery integrates with Shipwire

We are excited to announce that Celery is now integrated with Shipwire! Celery is a pre-order platform that merchants can use to take pre-orders for new products or back orders for products that are out of stock. If you’re planning to launch a new product, you can also run a crowdfunding campaign on your own website with Celery. For information about using the integration, please see our Celery connection information page and check out the FAQs below.

Who Uses Celery?
Successful crowdfunded companies like Pebble and Lockitron use Celery for pre-orders. Large brands and innovative companies like Disney and Timex also use Celery to run crowdfunding campaigns on their websites, as a way to launch new products to their customer base or prove out a new market.

Easily add a Celery pre-order button to your app or site
You can add a Celery checkout form to your app or website with just 2 lines of code and start taking pre-orders within minutes. It’s as easy as adding a Youtube video to your website. You’ll get a seamless payment flow on your website that is customizable and matches your brand.

Accept credit cards without charging them
By default, your customers cards will not be charged when they place an order. Celery provides you with a complete dashboard to manage your orders, customers, and e-commerce settings. You can keep taking pre-orders on Celery until you have stock and continue using Celery as your primary e-commerce storefront.

Charge your customers when you’re ready to ship
Celery provides you the ability to charge your customers only when you’re ready, which may be as long as 6, 9, or 12 months after the initial purchase. If your customer has changed shipping addresses or need to update their credit cards, they can self-serve update them so that your records are always up to date. Once you’re ready to ship, Celery integrates directly with Shipwire to make it easy to deliver your products.

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