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Shipwire Adds Warehouse in Canada (Vancouver Warehouse & Toronto Warehouse)

Shipwire is removing another barrier to retailers selling merchandise in Canada with the launch of two distribution centers in Canada: Vancouver Warehouse and Toronto, Ontario Warehouse. The Vancouver facility is Shipwire's newest distribution center in Canada and joins existing Canadian distribution center in Toronto. Importing into Canada couldn't be easier with two warehouse ready to...
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Setup - Use PayPal to Fund Your Shipwire Account and Pay No Fees

If you are looking for an alternative to a credit card or bank wire to fund your Shipwire account, PayPal® is an alternative. Shipwire will pass along PayPal usage fees to Merchants that use PayPal to fund their Shipwire accounts. For many international merchants this can represent a substantial savings on the convenience of using...
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Ship - Canada Post Added as Shipping Option

Shipwire offers warehouses in the U.S. and Canada. In Canada we offer warehouses in Toronto and Vancouver. There are many benefits gained by leveraging Shipwire's Canadian warehouse network to power your business. Sell in Canada as a local merchant Import goods directly into Vancouver warehouse from the Vancouver port Shipwire helps you freight inventory in...
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Ship: Set Account Wide Rules For "Shipping Preferences"

Shipwire has implemented a new Shipping Preferences option that allows merchants to greatly improve the handling of their outbound shipping by applying rules and preferences to inbound orders. Now if you want to hold any order over $200 in value, so that you can approve it after reviewing it, you can. Here are just a...
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Store: New Product Wizard

Shipwire Engineering has been very busy adding new features that have been requested by merchants. A few Shipwire merchants that manage hundreds of SKU's across multiple warehouse requested that we make editing and managing characteristics of products easier. Shipwire software engineering has responded. Check out our new Product Wizard by logging into your Shipwire Account...
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Sell: Shipwire Order Fulfillment for Yahoo! Stores

Shipwire, Inc., the leading provider of Internet-based inventory storage and order shipping services, today released a complete set of "Real-Time" connection features for Yahoo! Merchant Services (formerly Yahoo! Store). Yahoo! Merchant Services customers can now fully integrate their Yahoo! Store with the Shipwire Store-Sell-Shipâ„¢ Platform. Features include: - Real-time delivery of orders to Shipwire system...
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Opinion: My Vision For Shipwire - "Change-The-Game"!

Shipwire's goal is to let retail businesses focus on growth by removing the hassle of shipping and storage. It is time that cash-strapped Web retail businesses had a global network of warehouses that can be plugged into their Web sites with no up-front fees, no long-term contracts, and straight-forward storage and shipping pricing. The small...
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New Ecommerce Trend - U.S. Weak Dollar Means More International Buyers for U.S. Web Merchants

A trend that we”re monitoring at Shipwire is the growing pattern of international customers buying from U.S. merchants and the frustrations merchants have fulfilling this demand. If you go to the eBay forums you”ll see all sorts of seller frustration for fulfilling orders to Canada and Europe. Potentially, one of the contributing factors to the...
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Canada Awaits You! Shipwire makes it easy...

Shipwire has expanded its warehouse network to include Toronto and Vancouver. This should interest you, whether you are already selling in Canada or are ready to expand your business into Canada. If you already sell in Canada, plug into Shipwire to reduce hassles, control costs and grow without significant capital investment. Don't take our word...
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