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About the OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability

Recently, Shipwire released an update in response to a serious security vulnerability called "Heartbleed," which impacts the encryption used for Internet communications and could allow access to decrypted HTTPS traffic. Once we became aware of Heartbleed, we addressed the issue and evaluated possible impacts. We want to share some specifics of the Heartbleed vulnerability as it relates to Shipwire's services, as we know that our customers, like us, are concerned about privacy and security.
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MivaCon: Ecommerce tips from 2014

Shipwire recently took a trip down to sunny San Diego, CA, to attend Miva Merchant's 14th Annual Miva Conference, entitled Conquering Ecommerce. During the introduction, Miva CEO Russ Carroll announced the occasion as “the longest running ecommerce event of its kind,” while Rick Wilson, President and COO, later captured the event’s amazing turnout in a snapshot worthy of rivaling Ellen’s famous Oscars selfie.
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QuickBooks integration for Shipwire

The wait is over! We are excited to share a new integration between QuickBooks and Shipwire. Cloud Cart Connector is built by Shipwire Partner JMA Web Technologies and is a QuickBooks integration that syncs orders between Shipwire and QuickBooks. Customers, inventory, orders, and products can be exchanged in both directions.   Here are some features...
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Top 5 ecommerce success tips from 3DCart

About the author This is a guest post from Bryan Shaw. Bryan acts as the Community Manager for 3dcart. He has a M.A. in journalism coupled with years of experience in the ecommerce industry. If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to post your queries in the comment section. Alternatively,...
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Call for ecommerce bloggers

Hey writers and bloggers! If you know a lot about ecommerce and logistics, we want to publish your work on our blog (or collaborate to coauthor a blog together). Between our partners, readers, and team, there's a lot of knowledge to be shared, so we’d love to collect it and do just that.   Information...
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3 holiday shipping tips from ShipStation

ShipStation is a web-based solution that streamlines carrier label printing, has some order management features and helps online retailers with do-it-yourself shipping processes. Now, ShipStation is integrating with Shipwire to make it easier for e-commerce sellers that want to outsource some or all of their order fulfillment to Shipwire. ShipStation will be a new option...
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Shipwire Tracking API Update

Shipwire is constantly working on our APIs and and we have a few Tracking API updates for you:   Tracking API Shipping warehouse name Delivery status (for trackable orders) Delivery dates (per trackable shipment)   Documentation and sample responses with this information can be found on our tracking API documentation page (look for the “warehouse”,...
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Learn more about fulfillment

Our helpful resources can guide you through the entire fulfillment process. Get started with our topic-based collections, or browse through our white papers, case studies, product guides and more.

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