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The Shipwire Blog/Case study: Rift Labs

Case study: Rift Labs

Unsatisfied with what the market had to offer in the way of video and photo lighting equipment, Morten Hjerde and Marianne Braathen-Hals of Rift Labs took matters into their own hands. By researching and incorporating the best features of clunky and large professional lighting tools into a pocket-sized lighting device, and with the help of Kickstarter, the KICK light was born.

Before long, the duo found themselves scrambling to keep up with product fulfillment on a global scale. “We needed to automate fulfillment and shipping because it takes a lot of time and the stuff that we’re good at is something else – not fulfillment,” explained Hjerde. They were already using Woocommerce to power their cart, but had yet to find a tool to outsource their product fulfillment.

Learn more about the Rift Lab story, including what drove their decision to use Shipwire here.

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