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Australia warehouse launch


After much anticipation, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Shipwire Australia warehouse! All merchants are now welcome to ship from the Shipwire Australia warehouse and we are pleased to offer both domestic and international shipping capabilities.

Updates and all resources related to Shipwire Australia can be found here.

The facility
Measuring over 40,000sqm, it is the biggest warehouse in Australia. The facility and the technology used to run it are state-of-the-art, and during the month prior to our public launch, we tested its capabilities and processes with select accounts in order to ensure a smooth transition for the masses.


How to prepare for Australia
Before you ship from Australia, you will need to prepare a few things. Please refer to our Australia Import Guide for information about business registration, tax requirements, moving products through customs, and more. Processing such documents is often the most time-consuming part of expanding business, so we recommend planning ahead.

Important details
See here for current carrier options.

The option to enable use of the Australia warehouse is visible inside of your Shipwire account (when logged in). It is displayed exactly like our other warehouse location options. To create an ASN, follow the standard process we use in all of our facilities.

For more information, please refer to our webinar: Expanding Your Brand into Australia. A recording from August, 2014, is available here. Another useful resource is our guide, Australian Ecommerce: What You Should Know, which you can downloaded here for free.


  • Lauren Jow 11/02/15
    Sean, I will put you in touch with a sales person. Stay tuned. Thanks for your inquiry.
  • Sean Hall 11/02/15
    Hi Lauren, We are currently looking at new logistics, as we are based in AU. Can I ask what insurance your facility carries? Can you run logistics on refrigerated goods, if not can we drop a cool room into your facilities? Is there a sales person who can contact me to discuss our requirements? Ta
  • lauren 08/29/14
    Hi Russell, yes, it’s live! Updates are here. Let me know of any more questions.
  • Russell 07/15/14
    Hi - has this gone live yet? The Import Guide says July 15 but I can't see the Sydney option in the backend/platform. Looking forward to it being available!

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