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2016 USPS Rate Increase Impact

In October 2015, USPS announced it would be increasing rates across the board. After much anticipation, the new rate increase figures have been released and include changes to domestic as well as international prices.

USPS rate changes by the numbers:

  • 15.6% price increase for Priority Mail Express
  • 9.8% price increase for Priority Mail
  • 3.1% price increase for Parcel Select
  • 5.0% price increase for Parcel Return Service
  • 12.8% price increase for First-Class Package Service
  • 10.0% price increase for Standard Post (formerly Retail Ground)
  • In 2015, UPS and FedEx rocked the boat with their dimensional weight pricing changes. On December 28, 2015, UPS raised ground rates by 4.9% and on January 4th, 2016, FedEx followed suit.

    While the USPS rate increases are higher than national carriers at certain service levels, the post office continues to be a cost effective option for many shippers due to daily access to 153 million addresses on a daily basis. USPS does not have as many accessorial charges and surcharges on top of its base rates unlike National Carriers.

    How can we help?
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    In addition to integrations with major domestic and international carries in a network of strategic markets, Shipwire is pre-integrated with a number of small parcel providers, giving you the ability to diversify your shipping options. For a list of small parcel shipping options click here.

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