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Shipwire Terms of Service Update

It has been over two years since we have updated the Shipwire Terms of Service and Business Policies and we've made a lot of changes to our service offerings since our last update. Today, we’re giving notice to our users about updates to our Terms and Policies. The updates will be effective on May 1, 2014.
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USPS Saves Saturday Parcel Delivery Service

It seems that every second day you see a new negative press mention of USPS being bankrupt, closing a branch, arguing with congressional regulators over how to manage the business, or making a case in the press that their pension costs are being incorrectly allocated. But today, the USPS did something fantastic. They saved Saturday parcel deliveries.
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11 e-commerce predictions for 2013

Each year we polish our crystal ball, meditate on the audacity of Nostradamus and swing for the fences with our annual e-commerce predictions. The big trends are continuing to be social, mobile, and local, with a healthy dollop of curated commerce with a free shipping cherry on top. But there are some other big trends that we see a lot of users experiencing.
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PrestaShop-Shipwire Connection News & BarCamp

Maybe it was the idea of camping in a bar? Maybe it was our love of partying in loft spaces? Maybe it was the idea of gathering in the "spring" in New York City? Perhaps it was that we've seen a lot of requests for a PrestaShop connection? It was actually all of the above. Shipwire and PrestaShop are getting ready to party together. A PrestaShop connection is in the works and the Shipwire team will be at PrestaShop's BarCamp 2012 in NYC this March 20th.
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Oh no, the product arrived damaged...

Blog post about products arriving damaged, return policies and processes. The product arrived damaged. But Why? We've collected some great videos and links of how products get damaged in transit. Hopefully this post can be helpful to sellers that need to talk to any customers about damaged product arriving at their doorstep.
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Shipping to Canada can be a headache, eh?

    You”d think shipping to a country right next door to us would be as easy as crossing the border, but many US merchants shipping to Canada for the first time end up with a less than pleasant experience. Even big merchants like Zappos have decided to discontinue their offerings to Canada after numerous...
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Learn more about fulfillment

Our helpful resources can guide you through the entire fulfillment process. Get started with our topic-based collections, or browse through our white papers, case studies, product guides and more.

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